Open assembly in Athens

Ανοιχτή συνάντηση για την πενευρωπαική ημέρα δράσης Μ31 - Αθήνα, Πολυτεχνείο - 6 Φεβρουαρίου - 19:00 - (Πρόσκληση)   Next Tuesday, February 6th there will be an open assembly about M31 in the Polytechnic of Athens. (greek Invitation) … [Read more...]

CNT joins the M31-Network

We welcome the CNT of Spain to our Network! … [Read more...]

Vienna Calling

Fight Nationalism! Smash Fascism! During the antifascist demonstration against the "WKR-Ball" in Vienna, Austrian comrades carried a banner promoting M31. … [Read more...]

First Posters

First posters for M31 are available now! The german M31 network poster can be found here! … [Read more...]

Social Networks

We are now on Facebook, Twitter as well as and Like us, follow us and be the first know... … [Read more...]