New groups and more dates!

The m31 association is growing: we warmly welcome the Anarchist Federation of Slovenia and Popular Assembly of Porto (Portugal). In addition to that several groups set up dates for demonstrations. For more information, visit the local pages on! … [Read more...]

Autonomous Workers Union of Ukraine joins M31!

The Autonomous Workers Union Ukraine is now part of the international M31 network! On March 31st, there will be a demonstration in Kiev leading to the Employers' Association and to the Department of Education. M31-Member Autonomous Workers' Union will march together with student unions, anti-authoritarian communist Left Opposition, antifascist groups and others.   … [Read more...]

USI-AIT joins the M31 Network!

The anarchosyndicalist union USI-AIT of Italy is now part of the international M31 Network! … [Read more...]

Netherlands: M31 mobilization started

On march 31st there will be a demonstration in Utrecht, Netherlands. The mobilization started yesterday find more on → … [Read more...]

Spain: CNT mobilises across the country against labour reform

Statement from the Secretariat of the CNT on the recent demonstrations and protests against the government's new labour reforms. The Confederation believes that the demonstration against the labor reforms of the People's Party should be only the first step of a widespread social response which would lead to the calling of a general strike. There is nothing to negotiate and the only option to defend ourselves against the Labor Reform of PP is its removal. Since February 10 there have been constant protests against labor reform in different cities. Protests will continue in the … [Read more...]