From New York City with Love: How do we kill capitalism?

The anti-capitalist group Class War Camp within Occupy Wall Street supports M31 with an anti-capitalist meeting in New York City's Union Square. CWC raised some important questions for that assembly. We'd like to propose them for our own discussions, as well. Thanks comrades in the City! UNION SQUARE (N), 1PM, MARCH  - 31st / In solidarity with the European call for anti-capitalist action on M31 (, Class War Camp (a group of anarchists, socialists, communists, etc. who Occupy Wall Street) is calling for a mass gathering of anti-capitalists of all stripes … [Read more...]

Spain: CNT mobilises across the country against labour reform

Statement from the Secretariat of the CNT on the recent demonstrations and protests against the government's new labour reforms. The Confederation believes that the demonstration against the labor reforms of the People's Party should be only the first step of a widespread social response which would lead to the calling of a general strike. There is nothing to negotiate and the only option to defend ourselves against the Labor Reform of PP is its removal. Since February 10 there have been constant protests against labor reform in different cities. Protests will continue in the … [Read more...]

London: Radio Interview on M31

On February 17th, two activists from the “...umsGanze!”-Alliance visited the DIY radio station “Dissident Island Radio” in London to talk about the ongoing mobilization for M31 – european day of action against capitalism. Your browser does not support the audio element. After introducing themselves and their local group in Cologne, the activists talked about the motivation behind acting beyond national boundaries and the genesis of the European action day against capitalism and the crisis. At the core M31 will be the first coordinated, big attempt to react to the crisis … [Read more...]

Interview “Blaming the Banks is not our Business”

Translation of: “Banken-Bashing ist nicht unser Ziel” Leftist groups from various European countries are planning a Europe-wide, anti-capitalist day of action on March 31st. The German »…ums Ganze!« network is part of the »M31« alliance that currently coordinates German and international protests. Jungle World asked for the motivations behind their call for action. Interview: Peter Nowak How did the idea for a European day of action come up?

 Since the beginning of the crisis, the question of how to react has been widely discussed in the anti-capitalist left. Over the last couple … [Read more...]

Left Wing Organisations and Libertarian Grassroots Unions Call for an International Day of Action

During an international meeting in December 2011 in Frankfurt am Main, several left wing organisations and grassroots unions from Greece, Spain, Poland, Austria and Germany decided to launch a joint effort against capitalist reforms under the current crisis. On march 31st, there will be a "European Day of Action against Capitalism", with simultaneous demonstrations in those countries, labeled "M31". Groups from other countries are likely to join in, as networking continues. Protests will not only be directed against neoliberal and undemocratic impositions by the European Union (EU), the … [Read more...]