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Towards a European network against state and capitalism

We, antiauthoritarian and anticapitalist groups and grassroots unions, that took part in the mobilization to the European action day against capitalism (M31), gathered in Thessaloniki at the congress for direct democracy on the 6th of September 2012 to discuss the possibilities of our cooperation and common actions in the future. We – that means comrades from A.K. (Antiauthoritarian Movement, Greece), the CNT (Spain), …UmsGanze, FAU, Interventionist Left (Germany) and activists from England, Austria and Bulgaria. We all agree that in this time of capitalist crisis, the rise of nationalism and ongoing austerity measures it is necessary to organize beyond national borders and against state and capital.

The capitalist system today cannot offer any positive perspective anymore, but leads to an increase of social division and authoritarian constraints in the name competitive capability and national interest. Therefor we cannot rely on reformist institutions – like parties and reformist unions. If we are interested in a good life for everybody, we have to (self) organize and take our lives in our hands. As State and Capital in Europe are organized on a supranational level, an emancipatory resistance should do so as well. Our common mobilization to the European action day M31 was a first step in this direction.

Nevertheless, we see that the different realities in Europe also lead to the necessity of different strategies. Therefor we discussed how we can build up a communication infrastructure that allows us to intensify the exchange of experiences so that we can learn from each other. Another important point was the question, how we can support each other in the different social struggles. Although the social conditions and the state of the crisis in different countries are different it is clear to us, that there are enough possibilities for mutual assistance. Last but not least we all agree that we will meet again before the end of this year, maybe in Spain. The promise that there is an exit strategy to the authoritarian state of emergency as well as from capitalist normality is something that we ourselves have to make true. Therefor we invite everybody to fight with us.

M31: Prelude to Joint and Europe-Wide Anti-Capitalist Protests https://march31.net/2012/news/m31-prelude-to-joint-and-europe-wide-anti-capitalist-protests/ Sun, 08 Apr 2012 11:39:58 +0000 https://march31.net/?p=3453 Article of FAU Frankfurt

Within a joint day of action against capitalism on March 31, there have been rallies and demonstrations in more than 40 European cities. These actions are the beginning of an international networking by the anti-authoritarian movement against the European Union’s ruling crisis policy. The common goal is a free society in which everybody can participate. The foundation for that can only be an economy in which everybody is provided with a good life instead of wealth for a small number of people and poverty, existential fear and work baiting for many. On March 31, tens of thousands of people in more than 40 European cities, set in motion for that.

In Frankfurt/Main alone, around 6000 people participated in a demonstration themed “Capitalism is the Crisis”. Speeches at the the demonstration’s beginning stressed the fact that crisis and capitalism are inseparable. “It is a global and systemic crisis”, said Thorsten Bewernitz (FAU). He also said that a connection between industrial actions, struggles on the streets and in front of administrative offices will be crucial in the upcoming time.

As the EU governments and trade organisations try to shift the costs of the crisis on wage workers’ backs, the resistance against it needs to become a popular and a daily exercise so we may successfully oppose the matter. This is how we understand the demonstration’s motto: “Solidarity. Strike. Upheaval”.

The demonstration began at the central station. It was a loud, colourful and open rally, heading towards the construction site of the European Central Bank (ECB), which we wanted to reach together. Besides groups and organisations involved in planning and mobilisation, a wide spectrum of people from many cities gathered at the demonstration.

There were groups from the radical left wing, but also street theatre with stilts and costumes, critical colleagues from ver.di and IGM, older people from the left wing, who have not been on demonstration for years and lots of people working for companies in Frankfurt, who were all attracted by the call and perspectives of this event. Many of them were impressed by the steadily growing demonstration. Finally it grew to 6000 people.

After some speeches in between and greetings to the Occupy camp in front of the present ECB building, some paint bombs were thrown and some glass was broken at the ECB, several banks, the luxury hotel Frankfurter Hof, a couple of temporary work agencies and other buildings.

Just after another stop at the Paulsplatz, when the demonstration started to continue, police units attacked the rear part of the demonstration and began to kettle people in. Around 250 people were kettled for around 9 hours with temperatures just slightly above the freezing point and were randomly attacking police thugs. Those ones kettled in were supported by the demonstration’s own ambulances, with protection against the cold. Still, two of the victims had to be hospitalized, one of them because of hypothermia. The ambulance reported 130 wounded demonstrators.

Before that, the major part of the demonstration tried to reach the kettle for about two hours to open it. When the demonstration finally decided to walk into the city centre, the police decided to break it up. Therefore, the planned actions at the ECB’s construction site became impossible. They probably tried to prevent strong pictures of a ECB fortress bristling with weapons.

Despite the disproportional police actions, March 31 was a distinctive sign against capitalism and nationalism and for a society in which production is oriented on people’s needs. We judge the fact that there were demonstrations and rallies from Ufa at the Ural to Porto at the Atlantic, from Inverness on the British Isles to Utrecht and Milan to Athens, from Moscow, Kiev and Warsaw to Badajoz at the Extremedura, as willingness for a common perspective of resistance against the repression of the state and capitalist exploitation. These rudimentary efforts need to be cultivated, strenghtened and expanded. And they need to be connected to other mobilisations like the general strike in Spain.

From our perspective, this European wide day of action was a successful beginning. The massive participation in a demonstration in Germany, which significantly refused to repair capitalism, gives us hope that there will be subsequent actions. As an anarcho-syndicalist union we stress that demonstrations are nothing more than a short time expression of growing resistance. Effective resistance begins with the organisation at the place of exploitation: factory, offices and many other places which are responsible to make the capitalist galley run. Until we collectively refuse rowing to the beat of the drum and start to set the sails by ourselves, we won’t be galley slaves no more and set the course by ourselves.

Anti-capitalist action in over 30 cities – and we’re here to stay! https://march31.net/2012/asides/anti-capitalist-action-in-over-30-cities-and-were-here-to-stay/ Wed, 04 Apr 2012 01:21:32 +0000 https://march31.net/?p=3342 In less than three months, the M31 initiative was joined by leftist groups and libertarian grassroots unions in 15 European countries. On March 31st, thousands took to the streets all over Europe against capitalism and neoliberal crisis regulation. There were M31 demonstrations and rallies in Porto, Lisbon, Madrid, Toledo, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Murcia, Badajoz, Aranjuez, Castro Uridales, Besancon, Bayonne, Utrecht, Frankfurt/Main, Vienna, Modena, Kiev, Ufa, Ljubljana and other Slovenian cities, Zagreb, Athens and Thessaloniki. Simultaneously, syndicalist comrades in the UK, Poland and Italy staged anti-capitalist demonstrations and direct actions. All this came just days after successful general strikes in Portugal and Spain.

As M31, we want to overcome national divisions of protest and resistance with an anti-capitalist and anti-national agenda. Last Saturday’s Day of Action was more than a symbolic first step. Our Call for Action and dozens of assemblies in the run-up provided fundamental analyses of capitalism’s current impasses and authoritarian tendencies. We successfully criticized superficial resentments against „greedy bankers“ and the like. We were able to cooperate transnationally in great solidarity, despite very diverse social realities and political backgrounds. In some countries, M31 was able to bridge traditional gaps between leftist factions. There may still be considerable differences, but we found a way to deal with them constructively. On the other hand, it remains a challenge to confront widespread political illusions about a more social capitalism. M31 protests, too, have been very diverse. We can learn a lot from them, so there will be a documentation on this site.

Now we have to start cooperating on a practical level. We’re currently working on ways to communicate and intervene effectively. For the time being, M31 homepage and facebook will serve as a platform. With the crisis still raging, and with governments aligned to save capitalism on the backs of wageworkers and socially vulnerable classes, we can expect hefty struggles ahead. Capitalism can’t escape its own constraints. It can only contain them by way of coercion, control and exclusion. To coordinate our efforts across national lines, we will provide a political timeline for the rest of the year, with first hand information by M31 groups on the ground. But it will also be necessary to get active on short notice, supporting struggles transnationally. So we’ll establish a routine for quick coordination on a practical level.

As always, self-organization is the key. So let’s get busy!

[DE] 6.000 at M31 demonstration in Frankfurt https://march31.net/2012/asides/de-6000-people-at-european-day-of-action-against-capitalism-in-frankfurt/ Tue, 03 Apr 2012 12:31:25 +0000 https://march31.net/?p=3333 PRESS RELEASE [French version below]

6,000 people at European Day of Action against Capitalism / Organizers criticize police violence and mass arrests

Frankfurt. In a demonstration associated with the europe-wide anti-capitalist day of action “M31″, 6000 people demonstrated against the neo-liberal and authoritarian crisis policies of the EU. Parallel demonstrations and rallies were held in over thirty European cities, including Madrid, Athens, Milano, Zagreb, Vienna, Utrecht, Moscow and Kiev.

In speeches and greetings, the dramatic impact of current crisis policies in different European countries were discussed. Speakers of the M31 network saw today’s actions as a first step to link anti-capitalist protest internationally.

During the demonstration, paint bombs and stones were thrown at the headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB), the center of the city police and employment agencies. Under the pretext of determining “some suspects”, police split off and encirceled one third of the demonstration at Allerheiligentor, using batons and pepper spray. Several people were injured, some significantly. Due to this disproportionate interference, the entire demonstration was blocked for one and a half hours, and its continuation was made virtually impossible. Subsequently, the demonstration – which was originally supposed to draw to the site of the new ECB headquarters – was dissolved in Frankfurt’s Ostend. More than 200 demonstrators were rounded up for more than 6 hours on the street. Lawyers were denied contact with those kettled. A spokesperson of the M31 alliance rated these police measures as “manifestly unlawful”.

After the demonstration was dissolved, hundreds of demonstrators marched through downtown Frankfurt. Some militant actions were directed at office and commercial buildings, including the Frankfurt town hall and the employment agency.

Leo Schneider, spokesman for the M31 Alliance, commented: “In Frankfurt, we sent a clear signal against current German and European politics of crisis regulation. This crisis policy aims to restore the competitiveness of European capital, on the backs of wageworkers. Because of a few broken windows, the police brutally attacked our demonstration, injured dozens and arrested two hundred demonstrators. Given the brutal impact of current austerity measures for the people of Europe and the world, this is absurd. Those militant protests were directly aimed at institutions that stand for neoliberal crisis regulation and intensified exploitation. As the reaction of demonstrators showed, these attacks on our demonstration will not break our resistance.”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

M31 / Manifestation anticapitaliste à Francfort (31 mars 2012)

6000 manifestants lors de la Journée européenne d’action contre le capitalisme / Les organisateurs critiquent la violence policière et les arrestations massives

Francfort. Lors d’une manifestation fédérale [nationale] organisée dans le cadre de la journée d’action anticapitaliste “M31” à l’échelle européenne, 6000 personnes ont manifesté contre les politiques néo-libérales et autoritaires de gestion de la crise de l’Union Européenne. Des manifestations et des rassemblements simultanés ont eu lieu dans plus de trente villes européennes, dont Madrid, Athènes, Milan, Zagreb, Vienne, Utrecht, Moscou et Kiev. Lors des prises de parole et des salutations, l’impact dramatique des politiques actuelles de la crise dans les différents pays européens ont été discutés. Les orateurs du réseau M31 ont considéré les actions d’aujourd’hui comme une première étape pour établir un lien entre les protestations anticapitalistes au niveau international.

Lors de la manifestation, des bombes de peinture et des pierres ont été lancées sur le siège de la Banque centrale européenne (BCE), le centre de la police de la ville et les agences de travail temporaire. Sous le prétexte d’identifier “quelques suspects”, la police a séparé et encerclé le dernier tiers de la manifestation sur la place Allerheiligentor, en faisant usage de matraques et de gaz au poivre. Plusieurs personnes ont été blessées, dont certaines de manière significative.

En raison de cette intervention disproportionnée, la manifestation a été entièrement bloquée pendant une heure et demie, et sa poursuite a été rendue pratiquement impossible. Par la suite, la manifestation – qui à l’origine devait atteindre le lieu du nouveau siège de la BCE – a été dissoute dans l’Ostend de Francfort. Plus de 200 manifestants ont été arrêtés par encerclement dans la rue pendant plus de 6 heures. Le contact avec les encerclés a été refusé aux avocats. Un porte-parole de l’Alliance M31 a qualifié ces mesures de police de “manifestement illégales”.

Après la dissolution de la manifestation, des centaines de manifestants ont défilé dans le centre-ville de Francfort. Certaines actions militantes ont été réalisées en direction d’immeubles commerciaux et de bureaux, y compris l’Hôtel de ville de Francfort et l’agence pour l’emploi.

Leo Schneider, porte-parole de l’Alliance M31, a déclaré : “A Francfort, nous avons envoyé un signal clair contre les politiques allemande et européenne de régulation de la crise. Cette politique de gestion de la crise vise à restaurer la compétitivité du capital européen, sur le dos des travailleurs salariés. Sous prétexte de quelques vitrines brisées, la police a brutalement attaqué notre manifestation, a blessé des dizaines de personnes et arrêté deux cents manifestants pendant des heures. Ce qui est absurde compte tenu des conséquences brutales de mesures d’austérité actuelles pour les peuples d’Europe et du monde. Ces protestations militantes ont visé directement les institutions qui se distinguent dans la régulation néo-libérale de la crise et l’intensification de l’exploitation. Comme les réactions des manifestants l’ont montré, cette attaque contre notre manifestation ne brisera pas notre résistance”, a conclu Leo Schneider.

M31 German Press Conference https://march31.net/2012/asides/m31-press-conference/ Fri, 30 Mar 2012 16:28:30 +0000 https://march31.net/?p=3250 GERMANY: Video of the press conference for the M31 demonstration in Frankfurt. English subtitles will be added as soon as possible.


M31 Protests awaited all across europe https://march31.net/2012/asides/m31-protests-awaited-all-across-europe/ Fri, 30 Mar 2012 13:37:35 +0000 https://march31.net/?p=3226 EUROPE: „Europe“, no joke! M31 is going to happen in Portugal, Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Slovania, Croatia, Greece. In solidarity with M31, anti-capitalist groups within Occupy Wall Street will hold a rally in New York City. Parallel to M31, anti-capitalist groups in Moscow and in many cities of the United Kingdom will take to the streets against neoliberal labour reform. Check our M31 – What’s going on? page.

To stay up-to-date during tomorrow’s day of action, check Twitter: @m31dayofaction & #m31

This is only a start – as we said in our Call for Action: “Simultaneous demonstrations in many European countries are more than just a signal of solidarity. They’re already sparking transnational discussion and cooperation. We invite all emancipatory initiatives to join this process. We strive to grow independent of official institutions, and are prepared for a persistent struggle. The crisis may manifest in varying ways in different countries, but we all share a common goal: We don’t want to save capitalism, we want to overcome it. We oppose nationalism. It is crucial to fight against the continued erosion of social standards, but we need to aim higher. We want to get rid of the fatal constraints of capitalism and its political institutions. That’s the only way the widespread demand for ‘real democracy’ can be fulfilled.“

M31 – The Movie https://march31.net/2012/asides/m31-the-movie/ Fri, 30 Mar 2012 00:24:37 +0000 https://march31.net/?p=3207 M31 – The Movie, which had been available in German before, has been re-edited in English and is now online!

Press Release: European Day of Action against Capitalism and authoritarian crisis management https://march31.net/2012/news/press-release-european-mobilisation-against-authoritarian-crisis-management/ Thu, 29 Mar 2012 15:09:59 +0000 https://march31.net/?p=3170

This Saturday, March 31st, there will be simultaneous demonstrations, rallies and assemblies in many European cities. Protests have been organized by anti-capitalist groups and libertarian grassroots unions from all over Europe. The initiative is labeled “M31 – European Day of Action against Capitalism”. Members of M31 want to send a clear signal against current austerity policies and authoritarian labour reforms by national governments and the Troika (EU, ECB and IMF) on the backs of wageworkers, migrants and the unemployed. In their Call for Action, M31 groups state: “We don’t want to save capitalism, we want to overcome it.”

M31 protests will take place in these cities: Porto (Portugal); Madrid, Toledo, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Murcia, Badajoz, Aranjuez, Castro Uridales (Spain); Besancon, Bayonne (France); Utrecht (Netherlands); Frankfurt/Main (Germany); Vienna (Austria); Modena (Italy); Warsaw (Poland); Kiev (Ukraine); Ljubljana and other cities (Slovania); Zagreb (Croatia); Athens, Thessaloniki (Greece). In solidarity with M31, groups of Occupy Wall Street will hold a rally in New York (USA). Parallel to M31, anti-capitalist groups in Moscow and in many cities of the United Kingdom will take to the streets against neoliberal labour reform. Check the M31 update for details.

Our transnational initiative marks a new level of cooperation of the anti-capitalist left in Europe. We counter nationalist campaigns within the EU against Southern European countries and wageworkers. We get active against the increasing militarization of the European borders. We try to develop a perspective of transnational self-organization against austerity measures. All in all, this Day of Action is just the beginning of a continued struggle. More protest actions are already being organized.

In Germany, the main event on March 31st will be an anti-capitalist and anti-national demonstration in Frankfurt/Main (2 pm, Main Station). A broad alliance of leftist organizations from all over Germany have registered their support. In many cities, busses to Frankfurt have been organized. Speakers will address different aspects of capitalism and its crisis: gentrification, harsh labour reforms, nationalist politics of migration and deportation, and the like. In the course of the demonstration, the European Central Bank will be visited. Organizers expect a good turnout.

For further information, check our multilingual homepage: march31.net

To get in touch:
 eMail: m31-press@riseup.netPhone: +49 163 71 53 714

M29 – General Strike in Spain! https://march31.net/2012/asides/3153/ Wed, 28 Mar 2012 19:49:17 +0000 https://march31.net/?p=3153

SPAIN: On March 29th, it’s general strike in Spain. CNT had taken the initiative to call it. Comrades, we wish you all the best and so much more. May the force be with you! Here’s CNT’s english statement on 29M. If you read Spanish, click here!

In Warsaw, Berlin, Frankfurt and Stuttgart, and The Hague, M31 groups and others have organized rallies in support.

Right after 29M, CNT will again take to the streets on M31. There will be rallies in Toledo, Aranjuez, Zaragoza, Badajoz, Castro Urdiales and Murcia. Plus EHKL’s rally in Bilbao and GLAD’s seminar in Madrid. Click!

Talking is over – action is on! M31 Graffiti https://march31.net/2012/news/talking-is-over-action-is-on-m31-graffiti/ Sat, 24 Mar 2012 00:25:17 +0000 https://march31.net/?p=3011 On YouTube:

Alternatively on vimeo: M31 – Graffiti Mobi Video