Adbusting campagne rondom M31

Het is een makkie om die commerciële reclamezuilen om te bouwen tot ons eigen propagandamiddel. Een stukje revolutie in de markt plaatsen, om in jargon te blijven. Gewoon, overdag met een simpele sleutel van PVC.

Iets leuks in jou stad gezien? Tot nu toe gesignaleerd: Tilburg, Utrecht, Nijmegen, Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Maastricht…

Adbust Overzicht

M31-Adbust overzicht

Is er in jouw stad nog niets veranderd? Geen nood: hier zie je (in het frans…) hoe je het zelf kan doen:

On March 31st, 2012, there were anticapitalist demonstrations and interventions in more than 30 European cities

This was the starting point for different attempts to build antiauthoritarian Networks against State and Capital on a transnational level. As a result of this process there are now two networks:
Beyond Europe the antiauthoritarian platform against capitalism, which has members in Germany, the UK, Greece and Cyprus and the german M31 Network, which consists of different radical-leftwing groups.

Therefore this main M31 website will only be used as an archive for the actions around the anticapialist actionday in 2012.

Nervetheless we hope to see you soon on the streets and on the barricades all over Europe - and beyond for instance in the upcoming protests against the opening of the new ECB in Frankfurt in 2015... webteam, october 2014