Shift Magazine London: “International Antinationalism”

Shift Magazine in London has just published a paper of M31’s Antifa AK Cologne on what they call „International Antinationalism“. The ideological appeal of the nation has long been theoretically ignored and politically exploited by many leftist factions. That’s why M31 was initiated explicitly as both an anti-capitalist and anti-national project. In this context, a paper by Junge Linke (Germany) might be of interest, too. Check Shift Magazine! Introduction The following article was written in the context of the mobilisation for the international project “M31”, a European day of action … [Read more...]

…umsGanze!-TV goes M31

EUROPE: M31-member ...umsGanze! has released their Clip for March 31st. It's entirely in English, and might be useful in other countries, too. M31 – The Movie will be re-released in English this Sunday. … [Read more...]

M31 in Spain

SPAIN: CNT is out with their programme. There will be demonstrations and public rallies in Toledo (Plaza del Ayuntamiento), Aranjuez (Plaza Mayor) and Badajoz (Plaza de San Francisco). This follows the general strike CNT called for on March 29th, with a national demonstration in Madrid. CNT is gaining a lot of support for this initiative. Check … [Read more...]

Baby wildcat strikes again!

Leftvision video collective is promoting the German M31 demonstration in Frankfurt with this cute kitten. Thanks a bomb, Leftvision! … [Read more...]

From New York City with Love: How do we kill capitalism?

The anti-capitalist group Class War Camp within Occupy Wall Street supports M31 with an anti-capitalist meeting in New York City's Union Square. CWC raised some important questions for that assembly. We'd like to propose them for our own discussions, as well. Thanks comrades in the City! UNION SQUARE (N), 1PM, MARCH  - 31st / In solidarity with the European call for anti-capitalist action on M31 (, Class War Camp (a group of anarchists, socialists, communists, etc. who Occupy Wall Street) is calling for a mass gathering of anti-capitalists of all stripes … [Read more...]

On March 31st, 2012, there were anticapitalist demonstrations and interventions in more than 30 European cities

This was the starting point for different attempts to build antiauthoritarian Networks against State and Capital on a transnational level. As a result of this process there are now two networks:
Beyond Europe the antiauthoritarian platform against capitalism, which has members in Germany, the UK, Greece and Cyprus and the german M31 Network, which consists of different radical-leftwing groups.

Therefore this main M31 website will only be used as an archive for the actions around the anticapialist actionday in 2012.

Nervetheless we hope to see you soon on the streets and on the barricades all over Europe - and beyond for instance in the upcoming protests against the opening of the new ECB in Frankfurt in 2015... webteam, october 2014